Strategic communications

Success in communication starts with clear strategic thinking.


Our clients can expect a strategy that is tailored to their specific circumstances and goals – and to the challenges they face.

We are completely realistic about the way each of our client’s customers consume media in their everyday lives. In the digital age, coherence and consistency are more important than ever: audiences are fragmenting, channels are proliferating, borders are blurring and citizens are becoming journalists. Messages, meanwhile, are being conveyed, assimilated and retransmitted with ever-greater speed.

A single campaign might well need to address government, the media and employees of the client company. Both client and agency need to be single-minded, yet multi-faceted, as they manage internal and external messaging, social and digital media, and stakeholder and financial communications.

Our full strategic communications service includes:

  • strategy workshops
  • insight development
  • strategic option modelling
  • stakeholder definition
  • proposition/messaging definition
  • resource allocation
  • interdependency definition
  • risk modelling


Redleaf’s senior team comprises journalists, former communications directors of FTSE 100 companies, analysts and business leaders, who bring diverse and  complementary experience to every challenge. We know how put together strategies that will enable our clients to communicate effectively with multiple stakeholders and achieve the business goals they have set for themselves.