Media relations

In the digital age, as companies seek to engage coherently and productively with diverse stakeholders, media relations represent an opportunity to feed and receive information through a multiplicity of formal and informal channels.

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The emergence of new technologies, such as social media and smartphones, has fundamentally changed the way that customers consume and handle information, and in turn companies are changing their modes of communication with customers. 

Traditional media relations activities – based on relationships with gatekeepers and opinion-formers in the media – remain crucial, but our clients now also need to be adept in handling a range of digital media, not least social media such as Twitter, and also in producing compelling content.

Redleaf has built a considerable reputation on its handling of media relations programmes for clients from start-ups to some of the UK’s largest companies. Our expertise encompasses:

  • Media monitoring and identification of client opportunities
  • Story development and placement
  • Journalist meet and greet programmes
  • Media event planning
  • Forward feature planning and media planning
  • Digital media relations (including blogs)
  • Social media relations